"The devil is in the details."

Occasionally the frog of a horse's hoof will shed, exposing healthy but sensitive tissue underneath. If it happens a day or two before a race, the sensitivity can be enough to interfere with a horse's race performance. Listen to what Jere did when this happened to a horse he had entered to run, as he remembers the situation from many years ago - he has a million stories, stay tuned for more.

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After the interview, a question came up, "why couldn't you just use the standard pad that farriers use?" Jere said, "when this part of the foot is tender, you need a pad that is more like the frog, one that molds and gives to pressure, like leather. Standard pads carried by farriers back then were too hard and rigid. Today we have a lot more options such as gel pads."

Jere went on to say, "It's so important to have great communication and partnership with your farrier, as well as all the supporting professionals who take care of your horses, from the hotwalker to the veterinarian. It's also very important to the health and success of the horse for the trainer to be able to spot a potential problem early and be proactive about taking care of the problem before it gets worse."

When your horse is in, saddled, the jockey is up and you're watching the post parade make its way ever so slowly toward the gate, then circle around behind the gate, it is "the longest minute of the day".

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