"If you're not fired with enthusiasm, you'll be fired with enthusiasm."

JULY 2019 - My retirement from training started this month. My career has now turned to the front side of the race track. I'm currently working at Ellis Park, where you might see me doing absolutely anything that is needed to help the racing meet run smoothly. This web site is now a historical archive!

For half the year we race in Kentucky, moving to Florida, Arkansas or Louisiana in the winter. My daily rate is $85 per horse for this racing circuit. If you're tired of paying more for little in return, please give me a call at 224-323-1139.

During times when I have no horses in my stable, which can occur at the end of the long summer and fall racing as horses are claimed or go on winter break, I offer my services as a consultant to private stables that need help evaluating and increasing the success of their racing program.

I am a hands-on horseman, not a manager who gives orders from the office. As a consultant I can help a stable become more efficient, cost effective, and successful by teaching better horsemanship, organization and planning when it is lacking. I perform all the duties of an assistant trainer, while I also act as mentor, educator and advisor to my client and employees. If the stable does not have a licensed trainer, I can fill that role or help my client choose the right permanent trainer. I can travel anywhere in the world where my services are needed.

Private consulting services include but are not limited to:

Those who may benefit from my services include breeders who prefer to get some horses ready to race at the farm or training center rather than sending every racing age horse to high priced trainers at the racetrack. I can help my clients ensure that good horses do not fall through the cracks or get lost in the crowd of a mega-stable. If you need my services or have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 224-323-1139 or email jeresmithjr@yahoo.com.



call:  224-323-1139