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  • "You don't stop having fun when you get old, you get old when you stop having fun." - Jere R. Smith Jr.

    lifestyle photos & other extras

    Scenes from the Dubai World Cup, 2007

    Dubai World Cup, 2007

    Dubai World Cup, 2007

    Dubai World Cup, 2007

    Loretta, Jorge, Jere, and Amy at Riyadh's great Brazilian Restaurant, 2007

    Jere, Amy, Bandar, and Loretta at the Brazilian

    really big lobsters from the fish souk in Riyadh

    lobsters about to be broiled

    Muscat, Oman

    Muscat, Oman

    Muscat, Oman

    Muscat, Oman

    there are millions of doves around Riyadh, and a few strange birds

    stable mascot "Lucy" aka "Queen of Janadriyah"

    Lucy and an interloper

    easygoing arabian style

    easygoing european style

    even the car washers have easygoing style in Janadriyah

    the Janadriyah Cultural Festival is held every February with events broadcast on Saudi TV

    the great camel race is held during the Janadriyah Cultural Festival

    King Abdullah greets the winner of the great camel race, 2006

    Our friend Tom from Scotland is the dairy mgr for Crown Prince Sultan

    Tom kindly let us tour the dairy which makes cow, camel, and goat milk

    the male calves are fattened and used for meat

    our friend Ryan trains the show arabians

    Ryan "hypnotizing" an arabian

    Ryan treated us to a show run-through at the arabian pavilion, 2007

    The Rat Pack, Dubai World Cup, 2006

    Christmas dinner at the farm, 2005

    Our chefs, Jere and Joven

    Halloween Party, Jere and Julio, 2004

    Halloween Party, Diego's jockeys and farrier, and Jorge

    Halloween Party, Diego, Owen, and some floozy

    Halloween Party, Tom

    Halloween Party, Amy, Mecca, and Angela

    Halloween Party, Amy and Juan

    Halloween Party, Fernando and Siobhan

    Halloween in Houston, Jack Smith

    Halloween in Houston, Joe Smith

    Golf at Dhirab, Jere and Julio, 2005

    Golf at Dhirab

    Golf at Dhirab

    Golf at Dhirab

    the big beef

    the big beef with Jere and Joven

    Jere's cow on a spit

    Jere's favorite goat

    Jere's favorite goat on a bed of saffron rice


    Jere's wine

    Jere's kingfishing trip in Dubai, 2005

    the beach in Dubai

    Walad (by Torrey Canyon), 2004

    Walad one year later, 2005

    Torrey Canyon

    Torrey Canyon in his paddock

    Thoughtless at age 25

    Thoughtless in his stall

    Thoughtless in his air conditioned stall

    Stallion grooms

    Stallion groom with Official Flame


    Alysheba and grooms

    Alysheba and Amy

    Alysheba in his paddock

    Alysheba print in the Prince's palace

    Blue Burner in his stall

    Outrider David picking up a horse, with one of King Abdullah's retired racehorses

    "the blueboys", Ian Jory and Keith Dickey

    King Abdullah's jockeys celebrate a win

    "blueboy" Keith and others behind the gate

    the big rivalry, the blue team vs. the white team

    kids playing at the races

    retired racehorses are the outriders' ponies

    kids with the outriders' ponies

    outriders David and Faisal

    Prince Miteb with trainers and jockeys

    the paddock

    the track

    Jorge and Jere

    promotional shot of Jere

    promotional shot of Jere

    Bernard, Frank, Jere, and Fernando

    Jere's bosses

    Nagi and Zakocity in Taif


    Frank McGovern, DVM and Fernando Garcia Sr., DVM


    Frank and Jere

    Fernando Garcia Jr., DVM and assistants

    Siobhan McAuliffe, DVM and visiting vet Bryan

    mare and foal

    waiting for Dr. Doolittle

    Abkar and Bandar


    Motakamil swimming with Mohammed

    Sinead, Bryan, Fernando, Siobhan, and Jere at the track dining room

    the track dining room

    the track dining room

    Robin and Sean at the track dining room (we spend a lot of time there!)

    Thanksgiving party, Angela, Juan Fernando, Verenzuela, Miguel, Jose, Walter

    Thanksgiving party, Miguel and Villabona

    Thanksgiving party, Jose, Grammatica, Christian, Fernando

    ginger cat

    ginger cat

    Squeaky, stray cat from Taif


    entrance to the villa

    Riyadh gas station

    after tennis at the Equestrian Club

    high noon at the Equestrian Club

    Henna art

    parking in Batha (Philipine town, where they always wash your car)

    the road from Riyadh

    Amy and Afra

    Jorge (our jockey, really) and the pony

    Lisa riding in the farm's back forty


    the camp with newly built dock, before the hurricane, New Orleans

    the new dock, may it rest in peace with the camp, New Orleans

    Jere's boat before Katrina, at Delta Marina in Empire, Louisiana

    Jere's boat was found on the side of the road after Katrina and was repaired

    Jere, Jack, and Joe at Port O Call in the French Quarter, New Orleans

    Jere's speckled trout, Louisiana vacation, May 2005

    Jere's big redfish, Louisiana vacation, May 2005

    Jere heads to King's Cup day at the races, and receives best wishes from Joben, the stable chef

    Chef Joben and his crew prepared turkey dinner for the team to enjoy after the King's Cup, February 2005

    convenience store near the track - it does rain in the desert

    rules of the road are flexible, driving is not for the faint of heart

    the Faisal Tower is one of downtown Riyadh's landmark buildings

    free camel near the track

    camels occasionally stop traffic

    Jere relaxes at home by cooking

    Jere heading to the races in December, winter in the desert is jacket weather

    Jere in the paddock at the 2005 Dubai World Cup

    Jere in the "International Village" at the 2005 Dubai World Cup