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    training, traveling & tennis - Taif, 2006

    the gardener at the track

    preparing to go to the track

    Javeed, exercise rider from India

    a set heads to the track

    outrider David and 3 of Jere's horses

    walk back from the track

    Jere looking over the horses

    the vet's kid learning the family trade -Fernando Garcia III

    our vet, Fernando Garcia, Jr. with another Junior

    foreman Mohammed helps a groom do up a horse

    sunrise at the track in Taif


    Sattaie with Nagi

    Sattaie and Nagi

    one of our Saudi Arabian riders, Mousin

    Walad and his groom

    Zerfaal and his groom (kneeling)

    foreman Abkar

    foreman Aleem and stable manager Zak

    exercise rider Javeed, with Jere

    going down the mountain from Taif

    shop in the desert outside Taif

    rock formation

    bedouin tent

    wild camels

    sand devil

    mountains in the desert near Taif

    black and white wild cat of Taif

    one blue eyed wild cat of Taif

    tennis club of Taif

    tennis club of Taif, Arnold

    tennis club of Taif, Jere

    tennis club of Taif, Jere & Albert

    views of Taif and Jeddah, 2005

    the Red Sea, off the coast of Jeddah

    coral reef in the Red Sea

    fisherman off the coast of Jeddah

    fisherman near Jeddah

    traditional goat feast

    "Coffeepot Square", downtown Taif

    the mountains of Taif

    the sunset of Taif

    shepherds in Taif

    goats resting under Taif rock formation

    the "yellow vented bul-bul", native of western Saudi Arabia

    the Red Sea at Jeddah, about 100 km from Taif

    monkeys in the mountains, on the road from Jeddah to Taif

    family enjoying the Red Sea in Jeddah

    road sign on the way from Jeddah to Taif

    sculpture in Jeddah (just one of dozens!)

    heading for the beach to give camel rides in Jeddah