Future Evolution of Manifesting Generator System

Evolution through the Kingdoms of Life: Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal the first beings with this material physical plane of existence called ground were the fundamental building blocks of life, the sub-atomic particles which coalesce to form the atom. Each atom has its own individual nature, but atoms are also attracted to other molecules, which permits them to form into molecules. An atom may be, by way of example, an atom of gold, whereas a water molecule is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen H2O. Through successive merging, various molecules and atoms build up chemicals that, in turn, develop into life forms, starting with single-celled organisms.

These so called lower life forms are living beings just like you and me, only much easier. The more complicated beings, further up the evolutionary scale, are made up of more than 1 cell, or groups of cells, passing through different stages of development, from the invertebrates into the vertebrate’s creatures with a nerve cord down the trunk and an internal skeleton, to the mammals, including human beings. These life forms, from the sub-atomic particles throughout the minerals, vegetables and non-human creatures have a soul. Manifestation is represented through this evolutionary scale, and what is being built into each higher stage of being is personality.

Human Design Development

 Character, when it comes to this particular book, is your soul as it expresses itself through all states of consciousness, producing the individual reading this book right now. Soul and soul are the same – the total of all of the states of consciousness of the person. DNA, much of that is extremely historical, links us to each evolutionary stage on manifesting generator. Both physical and non-physical structures, such as feelings and intellect, are maintained from the DNA. Studies on DNA show evidence that, within our bodily structure, we are linked to this first being and all beings which are on the material plane.

As we realize that we are made from different combinations of those so-called lower life forms, it becomes evident that the desires and activities which we encounter also come from the animal, plant, and mineral components which are within all people. Our bodies house all sorts of desires which are a lot cruder than the human being as it evolves with free will. Studies from hypnosis show that once something is discovered it is never forgotten.

All life experiences are kept in memory and stored in the soul or subconscious realm. This soul realm, or the subconscious, is of great significance in the practice of conscious manifestation. By understanding properties of the realm, for example time being no variable, we start to recognize what our personality is made from, resulting in self-awareness and the ability to change, leading to conscious manifestation.